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  1. Medium Weight Loss Pack
    take the next step towards your target weight
  2. Small Weight Loss Pack
    get started with your weight loss
  3. Big Muscle Pack
    maximise strength and endurance
  4. Medium Muscle Pack
    get the most out of your training
  5. Small Muscle Pack
    the perfect starter pack
  6. Workout System
    Workout System
    optimise every workout
    Regular Price £90.00
  7. 100 Weight Loss Meals
    One Slender x 4, SmartShake Slim Pink
  8. One Slender
    diet shake with 22 g of protein
    As low as £39.90
  9. 24 h Protein
    One Whey®, One Casein®, SmartShake Slim Pink
  10. Stay Green
    Green Boost, One Teatox, Green Custom Shaker
  11. Big Weight Loss Pack
    maximise your fat burning
    Out of stock
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