Protein powder

Our protein powders are among Europe's most loved. We offer everything from classical Whey, Casein and Egg via delicious organic vegan protein, to combinations catered to your specific goal. There is something for everyone with any dietary need, in multiple flavors.

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  1. One Porridge
    your quick and healthy breakfast
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  2. One Slender®
    Diet shake with 22 g of protein
    As low as £32.99
  3. One Whey®
    grass-fed whey protein for your muscles
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  4. One Collagen
    hydrolyzed collagen peptides
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Protein consists of amino acids and is one of the most important nutrients, vital to the body's functions, muscle growth and recovery. A large part of our muscles consists of protein and a high daily protein intake has several advantages when it comes to both muscle growth and weight loss. However, it can be both costly and impractical to get all the daily protein your body needs through a normal diet. It’s recommended that you consume between 0.8 g - 1.6 g protein daily per kilogram of body weight. Protein powder and protein bars are a convenient and quick way to get the optimal amount of the daily protein you need, especially if you live an active lifestyle. Our protein is among Europe's best-selling. Available as low-lactose / lactose-free, soy-free and gluten-free. We are known for great flavour and consistencies.

Whey protein

For most people, whey protein is the first fitness supplement you’ll come across. Numerous studies show that whey protein in conjunction with exercise activity significantly increases protein synthesis, helping you get the results you desire quicker. One of the reasons why whey protein can be preferred to traditional diet after exercise is the absorption in the body. Whey protein is absorbed significantly faster than normal food, which is why the body is given the opportunity to build muscle faster.

Types of whey protein

There are different types of whey protein powders with different nutritional values depending on how it’s produced. Whey protein is actually obtained from the production of cheese. The extracted whey contains whey protein, water and milk sugar as well as a number of trace elements and minerals. The differences found in the finished products are partly about the protein content but also about the presence of fat and milk sugar.

Concentrate is the simplest form of whey protein that contains a higher amount of fat and lactose than the other alternatives. It is worth mentioning that it also retains a number of useful substances that disappear when whey goes through more processing. Our bestseller One Whey® gives you a silky smooth, lump-free protein shake in many different flavours with 78% protein. One Whey® Essentials is also delicious and great if you’re looking for a simple whey protein with high value for money.

We also offer a complete meal replacement with whey protein called One Meal®. If you’re looking for more of a diet shake, we recommend One Slender.

For those of you who are very active, One Recovery is our whey protein created specifically to help with optimal recovery after tough exercise.

One Bake is also made from whey protein concentrate, but it’s heat resistant so you can use it to make your baking more low-carb and protein-rich. Read more about our products on their product pages.

Isolate is whey protein that has been further processed to contain lower amounts of fat and lactose. So, for those keeping an eye on their intake of fat and lactose, this may be a better alternative than whey concentrate. Also, the more finely divided a protein, the faster the uptake. Our One Whey® Isolate contains 87% protein and is completely free of lactose, carbohydrates, gluten and fat. Excellent for building lean muscle.

We only want the best sources of protein. That’s why our whey protein comes from grass-fed happy cows that graze freely on Dutch farms. This high quality whey protein is made up of essential amino acids that are absorbed quickly for optimal recovery and healthy muscle growth. Simply the best grass-fed whey protein for stronger muscles.

Vegan protein

An alternative to the traditional protein from milk is vegan protein, which is completely plant-based and just as effective. Our Organic One Vegan contains 100% organic and natural ingredients and is perfect for both strength and endurance training. To ensure the best organic quality, only raw materials from organic farms are used that strictly follow the EU's organic guidelines. Each serving gives you 20 g protein of high biological value. On top of that, it tastes good!

Casein protein

Casein protein also comes from milk, but has a much slower uptake than whey protein. One Casein® is a delicious, naturally creamy protein, derived from ultrafiltered milk. Since your body absorbs casein protein powder slower, we recommend you drink it before you go to bed for the best result. This allows your muscles to recover better over a long period of time so that they can build and become stronger.

Egg protein

The most high-quality protein powders from egg whites are free of fat, gluten, and cholesterol, like our One Egg. With a portion of One Egg® you get the equivalent of seven egg whites in just a few seconds. Since it is made exclusively from eggs, it is an excellent choice for those who are lactose or milk intolerant but at the same time want to see real results.

Protein bars

Protein bars may look like a bar of chocolate, but contains much more protein and far less fat and carbohydrates. A much healthier alternative! They serve almost the same function as a protein shake does, with the advantage of being easy to carry with you. Simply grab a bar when you’re hungry between meals and your sugar cravings kick in.
One Whey® Bar Zero is a protein bar made entirely without sugar and carbohydrates. The well-balanced content of One Whey® Bar Zero makes it excellent as a breakfast bar, snack bar or workout bar both before and after a tough workout. The taste is fantastic, the texture wonderfully soft, the content of the highest quality.

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