Cooking & snacks

Browse our selection of healthy alternatives to common ingredients, and protein-rich snacks. Our focus is on convenience and quality.

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  1. Protella
    creamy hazelnut spread packed with protein
  2. One Whey® Bar Zero
    protein-packed power with zero sugar
    As low as £1.90
  3. One MCT Oil
    one ingredient. infinite possibilities.
  4. One Whey® Bar Zero box
    protein-packed power with zero sugar
  5. Fitnessguru Stevia Drops
    all the sweetness of sugar without the calories
    As low as £6.90
  6. One Pancake®
    protein packed pancakes for a better breakfast
  7. Almond Butter
    creamy, protein-filled goodness
  8. Organic Peanut Butter
    only organic peanuts and a pinch of salt
    As low as £7.90
  9. One Bake
    a simple way to add protein to baked goods
  10. One Whey Bar
    powerful protein in one delicious bar
    As low as £1.90
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