Everything you need to know about whey protein
Everything you need to know about whey protein January 2016

When producing cheese, milk solids are separated from the liquids. The leftover liquid is called whey and consists of water-soluble proteins, water, milk sugar, vitamins and minerals. When opening a yogurt there is often a layer of fluid on top, that fluid is whey.

Whey protein contains all the essential amino acids which are vital for our health and easy for the body to absorb. Because of these characteristics whey protein is the most common protein when speaking of dietary supplements. Besides streamlining muscle building and muscle recovery it has also been shown to boost your immune system, enhance fat burning, and improve your insulin sensitivity.

In 2003 a study was published in “American College of Nutrition”. The study was conducted on 387 US Marines out of which some had whey protein added to their diet. After 57 days it was found that those who added whey protein to their diet had 33% less visits to the doctor than those who didn’t add whey protein. The soldiers who ate whey protein experienced less muscle soreness and also had 28% fewer doctor appointments concerning muscle or joint pain than those who did not add the protein powder.

There have also been studies showing that increasing the intake of whey protein can improve fat burning. At the University of Oklahoma a study was conducted on two groups both of which would follow an identical training program for ten weeks. However, one group was asked not to change their daily diets and the other group received supplements (300 calories and 40 grams of protein) daily for two weeks. After the first two weeks the supplements were doubled. After ten weeks all of the participants (both groups) had reduced their body fat percentage, but the group with added supplements had on average lost 9.3% fat, whereas the group that did not receive supplements only lost 4.6% fat.

Not only are there different types of proteins, whey protein itself is divided into three types:

1. Concentrate
2. Isolates
3. Hydrolysate

Concentrate: Protein concentrate contains small amounts of fat and lactose. The percentage of protein depends on how concentrated it is. It can range from 30-90%, so when you're buying a protein concentrate be sure to get as much protein as possible. Fitnessguru’s protein concentrate One Whey® is a 78% protein based concentrate containing 23,4g of protein per scoop and comes in several delicious flavors. My favorite flavor is easily Vanilla White Chocolate!

Suitable for:
- Anyone who wants an affordable protein powder
- Increased fat burning
- Maintain and increase muscle mass

Isolate: Developing isolate protein demands a longer process than concentrate protein which makes it purer and therefore a bit more expensive since it contains more protein per scoop. It usually contains at least 90% protein, but because of a filtering process it loses some of the other good substances that a protein made from concentrate contains. Fitness Guru One Whey® Isolate is free of carbohydrates, and lactose. This protein is absorbed faster by the body than protein from concentrate is. Since One Whey® Isolate is completely free of carbohydrates and lactose it is beneficial for someone on a diet as it helps keep track of your daily intake.

Suitable for:
- The experienced trainer
-Those who want to take their training to a new level
Lactose intolerant

Hydrolysate: If isolate protein is considered quickly absorbed by the body, hydrolysate takes it to a new level. This protein is a pre-split isolate protein, thus the protein doesn’t have to be broken down by the body rather it dispatches to the muscles and is stored directly. Hydrolysate does not taste very good and is therefore often combined with protein isolate. If you buy a hydrolysate protein be careful not to combine it with a protein concentrate or milk, the result can deteriorate the speed of absorption which is the whole point of this type of protein.

Suitable for:
Elite level

My recommendations: If you are relatively new to working out and supplements, I’d say that One Whey® works really well for you presuming you are not lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive. This protein contains exactly what you need to develop your strength, physique and recovery. It is also affordable and does not sting the wallet. For the more experienced ones familiar with protein concentrate and perhaps looking to invest in their work out I think you should try One Whey® Isolate. This protein is truly amazing and makes a difference!

As I’ve mentioned there are a lot of options out there but the main things to consider are your needs and goals. Don’t be afraid to try new things to find what suits you best. I can highly recommend Fitnessguru’s portion pack samples; they’re perfect if you don’t know what flavor you like or what kind of protein supplement you prefer. If you’re curious about whey protein made from concentrate, I think you should try these portion packs, if you’re interested in isolate protein you can buy some samples here.

Whey protein is absorbed faster by the body compared to other protein
- It contains high levels of the amino acid Leucine
- It helps increase muscle growth
- Whey protein can help with weight loss
- It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar levels and symptoms of depression and stress
- Whey protein boosts your immune system
- If you’re lactose intolerant you should choose an isolate protein

I hope I’ve been able to contribute more facts about whey protein and that you will find the protein powder that suits you the best!

Denise Nordén, Fitness Guru PT, Ambassador and Senior

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