All you need to know about casein protein

All you need to know about casein protein

February 2016

Have you been working out for a while, spending a lot of time on training and diet but want to develop further? One of the keys is to make sure you get enough protein at the right time. When you increase your work out you also increases the need for protein in your diet, so it may be beneficial to add protein in form of supplements. Today I'll tell you everything you need to know about casein protein!

The most common protein is whey protein which is a great start to the day and useful after a work out. But there are several different types of protein which all have different advantages. Taking the right protein at the right time can maximize your results, so read up on what protein you should eat to achieve your goals and develop your training.

Casein protein is derived from milk protein and milk protein has a positive effect on muscle growth and recovery. Natural products containing casein include regular cow milk. It contains 80% casein and 20% whey protein.

The body absorbs casein protein slowly, therefore it’s recommend to take it before bedtime to achieve the best possible result. Right after a workout you want to take a protein powder that is quickly absorbed, but when you sleep the body is recovering and the best option is a protein that is taken up slowly.

The body’s way of slowly absorbing the casein in turn leads to a slower release of the proteins’ amino acids. Thus, the protein remains in the digestive system and intestines for a longer period of time providing your body with amino acids during this time. Casein protein should be stored in room temperature and has a shelf life of 2 years if kept sealed in its packaging.

If you’re interested in building muscles the muscle growth needs to be greater than muscle breakdown. Muscle growth and protein degradation are constant processes in the body, so until the muscle growth is greater than protein breakdown you won’t increase your muscle mass. Casein protein is a protein that reduces muscle breakdown and is therefore good for muscle growth. For someone dieting, it is extra important to add protein. When your body is in calorie deficit it collects energy from different cells, in the best-case scenario mostly from fat cells and in the worst case from your muscles. In most cases a combination of both. If the protein intake is not increased when on a diet you will lose muscle mass. A good general measure is to multiply your weight by two and convert it to grams. For example: if you weigh 60kg, you should eat about 120g of protein per day to build muscle.

If your goal isn’t just to look bigger, rather become stronger as well, studies done in Massachusetts showed that casein protein has twice the power than whey protein to strengthen legs, shoulders and chest. Researchers believe that this is because of the fact that casein satisfies hunger so the body does not end up in starvation mode. As soon as the body falls into a starvation mode muscle growth and strengthening become less prioritized.

As mentioned one of casein proteins many advantages is hunger satisfaction. Since casein is a creamier protein than plain whey protein the feeling of hunger is reduced immediately after intake which I prefer it before bedtime. They have done studies showing that if you times the casein intake by 2.5 there is an increase in fat burning while you sleep and the fat balance in your body is improved. Casein is a protein that contains high levels of calcium, which also has been shown to help decrease body fat, is good for your bones and for your overall health. By taking casein protein, you increase your chances of losing fat mass without going hungry. If you’re hungry and feel like a late-night-snack you can mix up a One Casein® shake with a clear conscience and enjoy the delicious flavors that Fitnessguru offers.

Quick facts:

- Casein protein is absorbed slowly by the body, so recommended use is before bedtime

- Casein protein improves recovery and muscle growth

- Casein contains high levels of naturally bound calcium which improves health and fat loss

One Casein® contains low levels of lactose. If you’re sensitive to lactose, I instead recommend One Egg®, One Amino® or One Recovery®

- Casein protein is a great addition for vegetarians as a substitute for high protein meat  

- Casein protein will help increase your strength

One Casein® is available in two delicious flavors that you can eat with a clear conscience before bedtime

- You can make a delicious Mugcake of Fitnessguru’s One Casein®, find the recipe HERE.

My advice is to try a bunch of products to find the ones that best suit you. You do not have to choose only one product, I for instance prefer plain whey protein in the morning, Fitnessguru’s One Recovery® after exercise and One Casein® before bedtime. I’ve tried many products and as a result this was my favorite combination. Keep in mind that Fitnessguru’s supplements should not replace regular food; rather be added as it is only a supplement!

I hope that I have provided you with the information you seek about casein protein, and that you will try this awesome product and feel the difference!

Denise Nordén, Fitnessguru PT, Ambassador and Writer
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