1. Activate your body in the right way – As you work out, do it right! Don’t be afraid to build muscles. Muscles need more energy than fat and therefore increase your burning. Intensify your exercises and combine active workouts with strength exercises, in that way you better both your strength and cardio. Studies have shown that participants who do high intensity strength exercises burn more energy the next 38 hours. Of course the best workouts are those you actually do so find a routine that fits you. Exercising should be fun!

  2. Kick start your day and lower your stress level – Wake up in time and start your day with a powerwalk! By doing that your body has the opportunity to wake up and you start your burning of energy. A British study has shown that people who start their day with 40 minutes of powerwalk increase their burning for an entire day. You will also avoid the otherwise stressful mornings and stress is a huge inhibitor of energy burning. Enjoy your time alone or meet up with a friend and take a walk together. If you want to increase your energy burning, add poles to your walk! That can increase your burning with up to 20%.

  3. Don’t forget your snacks – If you want to lose weight you have to decrease your calorie intake but that does not mean you should stop eating. Eat many times a day but consume less and more often, in that way you maintain a constant energy level during your day which keeps up your burning. It also eliminates your sudden hunger feelings and your sugar cravings which can make you eat more than you actually need. Fitnessguru has a number of different products which are perfect for your snacks. One Whey® BARS offer a variety of flavors and their recently launched “Superfoods” contain, for example, one of my favorites, goji berries! They are perfect to eat as they are or to put on your porridge, curd or yoghurt.

  4. Green tea – Green tea has many health benefits and it is said that it increases your burning and makes your body use fat as its primary fuel source. Fitnessguru’s One Heat® Day fat-burning pill contains green tea extract which keeps your burning going, maintains your muscles and gives you an energy boost. One Heat’s energizing effects give you an invincible feeling which allows you to perform optimally for the best results!

  5. Drink water - We don’t want to dehydrate our body as it will lessen the fat-burning and thereby your weight loss as well. Water converts our food to energy and a deficit of fluids makes your metabolism decrease. A good tip is to drink a glass of water before every meal and about 8 glasses per day. If you think it is boring to drink regular water, try sparkling water and flavor it with fruits or berries. Another little tip! Flavored water, for example with lemons, decreases your need to urinate!

  6. Spice up your food – Clean and healthy food does not have to be boring! Add hot spices and spice up your diet and energy burning. Spicy food is said to have other health benefits like preventing cancer and building up your immune system. Tips on hot spices are chili and cayenne.

  7. Coconut oil – Fat? Is that supposed to increase my burning? Yes! Coconut oil improves your body’s capability to digest food and absorb nutrients so that you can eat less without feeling tired or weak. Coconut oil is the perfect energy source that reduces your stress levels, gives you more energy and increases your motivation to exercise! A daily intake of coconut oil helps maintaining a stable blood sugar level and has been proven to be positive for your bowels. It is important to think about the fact that coconut oil is calorie rich and a moderate consumption is optimal. 1-2 tablespoons of Fitnessguru’s organic coconut oil is recommendable as a daily habit.

  8. Everyday exercising - By activating your muscles and increasing your heart rate the energy burning is increased so why should we only do it in the gym? Use your everyday life to exercise by walking to and from work, walk with your children to and from day care or when you are meeting up with a friend. All activity is good activity!

  9. Stand up at work! – According to a study from the University of Missouri, if you sit more than 4 hours in a row, the enzyme that controls fat and cholesterol in the body is pretty much deactivated. If you have the possibility to stand and work, do that. Start with small time intervals and increase successively.  If you cannot stand while working, take 5 minute breaks and stretch your body or walk around the office to get the blood circulation going.

  10. Don’t neglect sleeping – Research has shown that there is a correlation between sleep loss and overweight. Sleeping 6-9 hours per night is recommendable. If you sleep less than 6 hours your hormonal balance is affected and the concentration of the hormone ghrelin increases. Ghrelin is the hormone that tells you that you are hungry. The amount of the hormone leptin, which tells you that you are full, decreases if you sleep to little which is why it is easier to eat more when you suffer from sleep loss.

    To make your fat-burning more effective, even as you sleep, I recommend Fitnessguru’s ​ One Heat® Night. These pills contain substances like CLA, GarCitrin®, green tea extract and HCA, compounds which increase the fat-burning and help your body to recover in the best way, even when you sleep in order to give you the possibility to perform optimally the day after. So relax in time, read a book and make sure you get the sleep you need.

Good luck!

// Denise Nordén, Fitnessguru Personal Trainer, ambassador and writer