Workout Log

Workout Log

"Smart fitness tracking to reach your SMART goals"
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Easy Progress Tracking
Easy Progress Tracking Dedicated and detailed sections enable seamless tracking
200 Pages
200 Pages Enough pages to last a whole year of exercise
Durable The laminated cover prevents damage from moisture and sweat
Goal-Oriented Each section is organized to help you reach your goals
Made in Sweden
Made in Sweden Each book is produced locally

Track Your Progress. Surpass Your Goals.

How can you reach your goals if you don’t know where you stand? Keep track of your exercise performance and monitor your progress with our Workout Log. With 200 detailed pages and a laminated cover, take your goals on-the-go and boost your fitness abilities. Simply choose from Black, Gray, or Pink, and feel great as you improve day after day.

+1 year
training log

A Dozen Things to Track

You need more than vitamins and supplements to power an effective workout. You need a fitness tracker. Our Workout Log is a premium fitness diary that can help you improve your results. More than just a fitness tracker, our Workout Log allows you to see the breakdown of your performance.

Count your reps for each workout and increase your weight each time. Track your running speed—and watch yourself get faster. Record your nutrition intake and see how your supplements impact your exercise.

When you understand your body and how it ticks, you can better set yourself up for success—and better workouts every day.

Dozens of things to keep track of

Count your repetitions during each workout and increase the weights each time. Keep track of your running speed and see yourself perform better. Write down your nutritional intake and see how diet and supplements are affecting your exercise. When you understand your body and how it works, you can more easily reach the goals you set and have better workouts each time.

The Best Way to Achieve Your Goals

Be SMART and hit your goals. Studies show that using a fitness log to track your workouts can help you reach—and surpass—your goals. Just make sure you’re tracking SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound. Whether you want to drop a few kilos, boost your fitness, or reach new performance levels, our Workout Log is a great resource for holding you accountable and motivating you to succeed.

Made by fitness professionals, each page is formatted perfectly for you to record your workouts and your progress. With sections for cardio, strength, nutrition, and personal fitness stats, you can get a comprehensive look at your wellness and achieve your goals faster. Pack it in your Drawstring Bag, and you’re ready to perform.

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