Small Muscle Pack

Small Muscle Pack

the perfect starter pack
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One Whey

One Amino

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37,90 €

37,90 €

Best-selling duo for stronger muscles

Our Small Muscle Pack will help you get started with the classic duo One Whey® and One Amino®. If you have an active lifestyle then your body needs energy and protein. These high quality products give you what you need quickly and easily!

  • Delicious flavours
  • Better muscle recovery
  • Fast dissolving formula
  • 100% pure ingredients

High quality protein powder

One Whey® consists of whey protein that is quickly absorbed by the body, which means that the muscles get the essential amino acids they need to start an optimal recovery.

One Whey® is our absolute best-selling protein powder that you can use in many ways throughout the day. Add a scoop to your porridge in the morning, or mix with your favorite drink as a snack.

Take advantage of BCAA

One Amino® is pure BCAA that you take during exercise that gives you increased energy, strength and endurance. It prevents muscle breakdown and improves your conditions for muscle growth and effective recovery.

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