Bars & Snacks

Protein snacks are great as they ensure a sufficient protein intake, while not compromising on the joy of delicious treats. Our protein bars are suitable for every occasion: for breakfast, when your energy levels are low or as a substitute for a candy bar. Nut butters are great for cooking, smoothies or on bread and contain healthy fatty acids and other minerals. A high protein content and good taste is a given with us.

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  1. Protein Porridge
    Protein Porridge
    helppo ja nopea superaamiainen
    Niin vähän kuin 18,80 € Normaali hinta 23,50 €
  2. Protein Porridge® Sample
    helppo ja nopea superaamiainen yksittäispakattuna
    Niin vähän kuin 19,00 €
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