One Meal®

One Meal®

"Fill up and feel great"
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Meal replacement
Meal replacement Delicious, flavorful, and filling
Fiber-rich Oats provide complex carbohydrates that aid weight loss
Delivers whey protein
Delivers whey protein Conveniently boost your daily protein intake
Enriching and filling
Enriching and filling An efficient snack between meals for lean gains
Made in Europe
Made in Europe Source from top-quality ingredients

On-the-Go Nutrition for Your Active Lifestyle

For days when sitting down to three healthy meals just isn’t in the cards, One Meal® can be a wonderful solution. It’s a well-balanced meal replacement formula designed for active people. Derived from fiber-rich oats and whey protein, it’s packed with complex carbohydrates and fast-acting whey protein, so you’ll feel deliciously full after just one serving.

21 g
protein / serving
24 g
complex carbohydrates
3.6 g
dietary fiber

A Tool to Help You Achieve Your Goal

The beauty of One Meal® is in its versatility—so whatever you’re working towards, this formula can help you get there.

If you’d like to cut calories or lose weight, try replacing one or two of your regular meals in a day with a One Meal® shake. It contains oat flour, a soluble fiber; as well as whey protein concentrate which will make you feel full for longer.

If lean weight gain is your goal, try a shake made with One Meal® as a snack in between healthy meals 2 or 3 times a day. Each serving has 212 kcal and 24 g complex carbohydrates.

We share the exact nutrition information on every package, so you can plan your diet, down to the last calorie or gram.

With Carbs, Choose Quality Over Quantity

You might not think of carbohydrates as healthy, but they’re actually one of the foundations of a well-balanced diet. Our bodies need carbohydrates for essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that provide the energy you need for workouts and everyday activities.

But it’s important to choose the right carbs to consume. The key is to seek out high-quality carbs; they’ll supply you with fiber to help slow the digestion of sugar and starches, so you’ll avoid the spikes in blood sugar and insulin that are associated with diabetes, heart disease, and weight gain.

Among the superstars in the high-quality carb world are whole grains—such as the oat flour you’ll find in One Meal®. Each 55-gram serving contains 24 grams of those high-quality carbs.

A Complete Meal for Busy Days

Assembling a nutritious meal takes planning and time, and you may find yourself leaning on unhealthy grab-and-go options whenever you don’t have time to prepare a healthier breakfast or lunch. One Meal® is complete and nutritious: it can either replace several sit-down meals—or just supplement your existing diet.

If you’re active and want to be strong and look lean, you’ll need protein. Our formula contains 21 grams of protein per serving—that’s more than you’ll get in 3 eggs. And, the protein in One Meal®  comes from instantised and ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate, the same kind found in Fitnessguru’s One Whey®.

There are myriad ways to incorporate One Meal® into your life: you can shake it into a smoothie by combining a scoop with water, milk, or another liquid. Mix in fresh or frozen fruit, peanut butter, coconut oil, or other nutritional ingredients and supplements, such as One Creatine.

Oat flour, whey protein concentrates, dextrose, cocoa powder (10-12%), natural and artificial flavours (chocolate, vanilla cream), salt, sweeteners (acelsulfame-k, sucralose), stabiliser (xanthan gum).

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