One Bake

One Bake

"A simple way to add protein to baked goods"
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Heat resistant
Heat resistant Retains health benefits when heated up to 200°C
Protein-rich 8 times more protein than standard wheat flour
Low-carb Only 1.5 grams of carbs per scoop
No additives
No additives Free of sweeteners and dyes
Made in Europe
Made in Europe Sourced from top-quality ingredients

Presto Protein! Giving Cookies a Boost

From breads and muffins to cookies and cakes, baked treats are typically missing the protein your body craves—and your muscles require. Adding One Bake® to the batter quickly bumps up the protein content, so you’ll perform better, while still eating the oven-baked foods you love. Using it is easy: all you’ll need to do is swap out some of the flour in your favorite recipes—and replace it with One Bake®.

heat resistant protein
natural unsweetened whey

Breakfast Is Just the Beginning

One Bake® is especially effective first thing in the morning, after your body has been fasting overnight and when it’s in need of a quick boost in amino acid levels. It’s easy to add it to breakfast breads, such as zucchini, date-walnut, or banana bread; in the fall, try mixing it into pumpkin bread.

For a midday meal, you can make a quiche or other savory pie crust, as well as sandwich bread, with One Bake®. Snacks such as oatmeal raisin cookies, apple cinnamon muffins and even brownies work well with One Bake®. And if you’re looking for a protein-rich dinner after a hard workout, consider rolls baked with One Bake®, or fish or chicken dusted with One Bake® and seasonings before cooking.

Heat-resistant and simple

Although protein powder is very easy to use, it can start to break down when heated above 71°C. One Bake® is the whey protein that is specially formulated to withstand high temperatures while retaining what you need, easily absorbed protein.

Just replace some of the recipe's flour with One Bake® and take advantage of added protein without sacrificing good taste or texture.

What Does Heat Resistant Mean—And Why Does It Matter?

As handy as protein supplements are, they can really start to break down when heated over 71°C. One Bake® is whey protein specially formulated to withstand high temperatures—and still deliver the protein you want for your body.

Here’s how it works: When the shape and structure of a protein molecule start to change, it’s called denaturing. This process takes place when you grill beef, sauté chicken, or scramble eggs. Research has shown that prolonged, long-lasting heat damages “amino acid bioavailability,” which means your body can have a harder time digesting and using the protein, after heating.

Most homemade baked goods, from banana bread to granola bars, quiche to whole wheat dinner rolls, are baked within a range of 165°C to 190°C degrees. That means you can confidently substitute a portion of the recipe’s flour with One Bake®—and reap the benefits of added protein, without sacrificing taste or texture.

Heat resistant whey protein concentrate.

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