The thing is, motivation comes and goes. Sometimes it's a hassle to get to the gym and you don’t feel the least interested or motivated at all. Well the same goes for me. My best tip: Find a workout buddy! Not only is it easier to get to the gym when you planned it with someone else, it's also much more fun!

My workout journey started with my sister. We decided to work out four times a week for four months and if we managed to keep it up we would go on a trip. This way we had each other for support and cheering up when it felt tough, and cheating was not an option. We had promised each other to make it! Which we did!

Today is Valentine’s Day, which of course will be celebrated and what better way than a workout with someone you like? Here are some fun exercises you and your partner can do!

Legthrows: One person lies down on the floor and grabs the legs of the one standing up. The person standing up throws the partners legs towards the floor. The goal is for the person lying down not to touch the feet to the floor. You will be really working the core! Do 10-15 repetitions and then switch with your partner.

Sit-Ups with ball against each other: In this exercise you’ll be simultaneously active. What you need is a ball or any other object that is easy to throw. Get in a sit-up position with feet against one another’s. Start doing sit-ups, when in up-raised position toss the ball between each other. This is another great exercise for the core. If you wish to activate your shoulders, you can tap the ball in the floor above your head when in down position.

Pistolsquats is quite a tricky exercise to do alone and is therefore perfect to do together with your friend. Stand face-to-face and side-by-side. Then grab each other's arm for support. This exercise is awesome for your legs and butt.

The plank is best known as an exercise performed on the floor, but why not make it a little harder? If you want a challenge this is a cool exercise to try. The torso is activated and the balance is tested.

Denise Nordén, Fitnessguru PT, Ambassador and Writer