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Whey protein

Whey protein comes from milk and is quickly absorbed by the body. We offer both whey concentrate and whey isolate of the highest quality, completely gluten-free with lactose-free options.

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  1. One Whey® Essentials
    our most simple whey protein   
    As low as €9.90
  2. One Whey®
    One Whey®
    grass-fed whey protein for your muscles
    As low as €11.10 Regular Price €17.90
  3. One Whey® Taster Pack
    One Whey® Taster Pack
    discover your favourite flavour
    Regular Price €9.90
  4. One Slender
    diet shake with 22 g of protein
    As low as €39.90
  5. One Bake
    a simple way to add protein to baked goods
  6. One Whey® Sample
    whey protein sample    
    As low as €1.50
  7. One Recovery®
    premium protein mixture for maximum recovery
    As low as €27.90
  8. One Whey® Isolate
    pure protein helping you push harder and feel stronger
    As low as €29.90
  9. One Meal®
    a healthy meal in 10 seconds
    As low as €0.00
    Out of stock
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