One Recovery®

One Recovery®

premium protein mixture for maximum recovery
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Ultimate recovery formula
Ultimate recovery formula Premium mix of protein, electrolytes, and carbs
Premium proteins
Premium proteins Ideal combination of whey protein isolate, vitargo, and electrolytes
Fast absorption
Fast absorption Quick absorption means faster effects
Fluid balance
Fluid balance Electrolytes for hydration and fluid balance
Made in Europe
Made in Europe All ingredients are carefully sourced

Protein shake for maximum recovery

After an exhaustive workout, your body needs time to recover and rest. The combination of whey protein isolate, vitargo and fast-absorbing electrolytes means that One Recovery® gives you the opportunity to recover quickly and well. Make tomorrow's workout better today.

  • Muscle-building
  • Balance-enabling
  • Recovery-inducing
  • Delicious-tasting
  • Lactose- and gluten-free
32 g
32 g
0 g
lactose & soy

per serving

Recover now, perform later

During exercise, you burn carbs and sweat out electrolytes. Your post-workout regiment has to include carbs, electrolytes, and protein so you can recharge your body and prepare for your next swim, run, or lift.

To achieve your training and fitness goals, the right amount of protein is crucial to build muscle and increase your athletic ability. Drinking One Recovery® within 30 minutes of completed exercise will help you replenish energy and recover faster.

What’s inside matters

One Recovery® contains a tailor-made combination of ingredients to enhance your recovery such as Vitargo®, a carbohydrate blend with rapid uptake that immediately restores lost glycogen. There are also added electrolytes that help you replace any salts you have lost sweating, to quickly regain an optimal fluid balance.

In addition to carbs and electrolytes, you also need protein to replenish and power. One Recovery® contains whey protein isolate, which stimulates protein synthesis. The synergy between carbohydrates, electrolytes and proteins promotes a healthy recovery.

Don't be afraid of carbs

Carbs have a bad reputation as a cause of weight gain but that is not always the case. During exercise, your blood sugar levels decrease and you lose muscle glycogen, the body's energy reserves. If there is not enough muscle glycogen, the body will use other sources of energy, for example, by breaking down muscle. The carbs in One Recovery® restore your glycogen and insulin levels, helping you replenish energy, stabilize your blood sugar and kick-start your recovery.

A part of something bigger

One Recovery® is designed as part of our Workout System. Of course, it works perfectly well alone but it has additional benefits when combined with our One PWO® and One Amino®.

One PWO® is a pre-workout booster that you take before training to recharge ahead of your exercise with ingredients that will boost your performance for great results.

One Amino® is the highest quality BCAA amino acid that counteracts muscle breakdown during exercise.

„Cross-Flow“-gefiltertes Molkenprotein-Isolat, Maisstärke (Vitargo®), Aroma, Maltodextrin, Fruktose, Natrium, Calcium, Kalium, Magnesium, Stabilisator (Xanthan), Säureregulator (Zitronensäure), Süßstoff (Acesulfam-K, Sucralose). 

Nutritional per portion 77 g per 100 g
Energy 281 kcal / 1170 kJ 365 kcal / 1527 kJ
Protein 32 g 42 g
Carbohydrates 36 g 47 g
- of wich Vitargo® 32 g 42 g
Fat <1 g <2 g
Lactose 0 g 0 g
Electrolytes 664 mg 862 mg
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