One Recovery®

One Recovery®

Premium protein mixture for maximum recovery
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Ultimate recovery formula
Ultimate recovery formula Premium mix of protein, electrolytes, and carbs
Premium proteins
Premium proteins Ideal combination of whey protein isolate, vitargo, and electrolytes
Fast absorption
Fast absorption Quick absorption means faster effects
Fluid balance
Fluid balance Electrolytes for hydration and fluid balance
Made in Europe
Made in Europe All ingredients are carefully sourced

Your Next Performance Starts Today

Rest doesn’t mean you’re weak—it actually makes you stronger. After a fulfilling workout, your body needs time to restore and recover. One Recovery® is the ideal addition to your post-workout routine, giving your body the nutrients, proteins, and carbs it needs to rejuvenate.

Combining whey protein isolate, vitargo, and electrolytes that absorb fast One Recovery® gives you the ability to recover effectively and deliciously. Make tomorrow’s gym session better, starting today.

  • Muscle-building
  • Balance-enabling
  • Recovery-inducing
  • Delicious-tasting
  • Fast-absorbing

Recover Now, Perform Later

Tiredness after exercise is a great feeling—it reminds you that you worked your hardest. But it also means it’s time to rejuvenate your body and help it recover from what it’s lost. Like a car that’s low on fuel, your body doesn’t run without nutrients.

During a workout, you burn carbs and sweat out electrolytes. Your post-workout regiment has to include carbs, electrolytes, and protein so you can recharge your body and prepare for your next swim, run, or lift. But don’t forget protein. To hit your fitness and toning goals, protein is crucial for building muscle, replenishing your energy stores, and boosting your athletic performance. Drinking One Recovery within 30 minutes of your workout will help you regenerate your energy and feel better faster. Your body will thank you.

What’s Inside Matters

You need carbs after you work out. But not just any carbs—a piece of candy or a slice of bread won’t do. One Recovery® is made up of ingredients that are tailored to enhance your recovery, starting with Vitargo®, the most efficient source of restoring lost glycogen levels. Combined with fructose, the carbohydrates are both fast-absorbing, meaning they provide you with energy to fill the void left after exercise faster than any other combination of carbs. Plus, One Recovery has ample levels of electrolytes to replenish everything you lose when you sweat.

But more than carbs and electrolytes to replenish your body, you need protein to fuel and empower you. One Recovery® has whey protein isolate, our premium, luxurious protein powder high in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that stimulates protein synthesis and leads to faster muscle growth than other proteins, like soy. Working together with carbs and electrolytes in an ideal combination, the ingredients in One Recovery® promote the fluid balance of the body and a healthier recovery.

„Cross-Flow“-gefiltertes Molkenprotein-Isolat, Maisstärke (Vitargo®), Aroma, Maltodextrin, Fruktose, Natrium, Calcium, Kalium, Magnesium, Stabilisator (Xanthan), Säureregulator (Zitronensäure), Süßstoff (Acesulfam-K, Sucralose). 

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