One Heat® Day

One Heat® Day

"The supplement that jumpstarts your weight-loss goals"
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Fat-burning Jumpstart your weight loss
Reduced cravings
Reduced cravings Curb your appetite for unhealthy snacks
Prevents muscle breakdown
Prevents muscle breakdown Lose weight, not muscle
Energy and focus for workouts
Energy and focus for workouts Keep your energy level high and make the most of your workout
Made in Europe
Made in Europe All ingredients carefully sourced

Paullinia cupana extract, seville orange, green tea extract (Camellia sinensis), Coleus forskohlii extract, Inositol, ginger root extract (Zingiber officinale), Rhodiola rosea extract, black pepper extract, Bioperine® (Piper nigrum), Naringin, Capsule (gelatin).

Supplement Facts
Content 6 capsules RDI
Paullinia cupana extract 1400 mg *
Green tea extract 600 mg *
Coleus forskohlii extract 400 mg *
Inositol 400 mg *
Ginger extract 200 mg *
Rhodiola rosea extract 200 mg *
Naringin 10 mg *
BioPerine® 10 mg *

Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

When you’re trying to lose weight, it can sometimes feel like your body is working against you: decrease your calorie intake, and your metabolism slows down. That’s where One Heat Day V1 comes in. An instant best-seller since we introduced it in 2012, One Heat Day works to keep your body from sabotaging your weight loss. Banish cravings, boost your energy, and keep your metabolism running high with one dose in the morning and another a few hours later––or before hitting the gym.

Dietary and Nutrition
  • Gluten Free
  • Low carb
  • Lactose Free
400 mg 200 mg 200 mg
Coleus forskohlii extract Ginger root extract Rhodiola rosea extract


Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to be a Losing Battle

Let’s face it, losing weight can be challenging. Giving up your favorite foods and upping your exercise doesn’t always make the number on the scale drop as fast as you’d like. When you put fewer calories into your body, it naturally responds by putting the brakes on your metabolism––which slows your weight-loss efforts and can leave you feeling tired. And when you’re tired, you’re more vulnerable to those cravings for sweets and fatty snacks.

One Heat Day V1 turns all that around, giving you a shot of energy that lasts all day—and keeps your metabolism burning on high. There’s a reason people love it: when you take just one in the morning and one later in the day, your cravings will fade, your workouts will be more focused, and your weight-loss goals will finally be within reach.

Turning Up the Heat on Your Weight-Loss Plan

You might be wondering––what’s the science behind all this? One Heat Day V1 increases what’s known as the “thermogenic effect.” Basically, it raises your body temperature, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. This also reduces cravings and increases your energy level, making it easier to stick to your diet and break a sweat at the gym. In addition, green tea extract lends antioxidants that work wonders for your overall health and well-being.

Whether you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, you’re practicing intermittent fasting, or your schedule simply keeps you too busy to eat regular meals, you can benefit from the energy-boosting, cravings-busting power of One Heat Day V1. And if weight loss is your goal, One Heat Day V1 can help. Take the first dose in the morning, with or without food, and the second dose 4-6 hours later, or immediately before physical activity. If you find it makes you feel jittery, take half the recommended dose to begin with, then slowly increase to the full dosage of three caplets, twice a day.

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