One Gainer

One Gainer

for maximum weight gain and muscle volume
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Maximise your gains

One Gainer is a recovery product that gives you everything needed for maximum weight gain, muscle development and recovery with high levels of energy / calories from carbohydrates and protein. Try in the delicious flavour Strawberry Milkshake!

  • Maximises weight gain and muscle volume
  • Contributes to recovery
  • Low lactose content
  • Antioxidants from fruits and berries
  • Gluten-free
60 g
24 g

per portion

The best ingredients

One Gainer is filled with energy, a product for those who want to gain weight by increasing muscle mass. A mix of slow and fast carbohydrates and protein (whey and casein) for maximum muscle development and recovery. One Gainer also contains fruit and berry extracts from raspberries, acai, strawberry, beetroot, carrot and papaya, which are stuffed with antioxidants to reduce free radicals. Everything needed to get the most out of your training!

Glucose Polymers (from corn), dextrose, whey protein concentrate (from milk), milk protein concentrate (from milk), flavoring agents, fruits and berries mix (raspberries, acai, strawberry, beetroot, carrot, papaya), emulsifiers (E466, sunflower lecithin), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame-k).

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