What’s your goal?
What’s your goal? January 2016

Here are my best tips and guidelines on how you should set your goals and how you will reach them.

1. Think about what you really want Sit down and think about what you really want and what your main goal is. When you come up with something it is easier to divide your big main goal into smaller goals and create a structured plan. To simply work towards one big goal, which will probably take a longer time to reach, can make it difficult to plan your time and you don't really know where to start. If you, on the other hand, have small goals which extend over shorter time periods, it will be easier to check off the list  towards the big goal and it feels all of the sudden easier to succeed.

2. Be realisticOf course you should dream big and believe in yourself but don't place too high demands. Your goals should be realistic and something you can cope with and ask yourself;  Are you willing to make changes in your life in order to reach these goals? To say that you will lose 15 kg in one month is not a realistic goal. Divide your 15 kg onto a longer time period. Instead of failing to lose 15 kg in one month you can succeed with losing 15 kg in four months, for example. Then you will suddenly have reached your goal! Take it slow and enjoy the journey. Let it rather take a longer time and make it something that lasts instead of stressing yourself and failing. Rome wasn't built overnight.

3. Be clear on what your goal is“I will start to work out“ or “I want to be well-trained“ are rather unspecific goals and something that can be hard to define. Be clear and decide instead how many times a week you are going to work out. “I will work out three times a week“ or “I will be able to squat 60 kg“ are much more specific goals and also make it easier to stick to your plan.

4. Dare to change your goalsSometimes you reach your small goals faster than you thought. Dare to challenge yourself. Let's say that you easily managed to train three times a week. Dare to increase your workout schedule to four workouts a week. This will help you to reach your big long-term goals faster. But don't forget that it should be sustainable! Experimenting too much will mess it up for you.

5. Have a time scheduleWhen you set your goal it is important that you set it up for a certain time period. For example: “I will train three times per week for three months“. If you don't have a time frame or a deadline your drive, will and motivation will vanish and you will prefer to do it later. Don't give up your dreams and goals! We live here and now and you, like everyone else, deserve to get to where you want.

6. Include your friendChallenge somebody you know to do this journey together with you. It is a fun way to be active and getting help and support from someone you like if it feels hard is a huge advantage. Furthermore, it is fun to share your success with a friend!

7. Dare to say no to other things and yes to yourself Dare to say no to things that take away your time and stop you from reaching your goals and put yourself first. Especially women tend to put  other things and people before themselves. Instead, see a NO to other time-consuming things as a  YES to yourself and your goals. Prioritize yourself, it is a great feeling to reach what you have dreamed of.

8. Focus on the positive Throughout your journey towards your goal you will come across obstacles. If you are prepared for that, those obstacles won't be as hard to overcome. Have a plan how your will tackle them and focus on the positive and on what works rather than to put too much time and energy  into  what doesn't work as well. Stay Focused & Eyes on the price!

9. See yourself succeedour way of thinking and visualizing our goals is stronger and matters more than we believe. Your have to be able to see yourself and your goals. If you don't believe in yourself and that you are able to reach your dreams, you will most likely not reach your goals. Start your day by giving a thought to your goals, reflect on how long you have come and give yourself a clap on the shoulder for what you have reached.

10. Dare to accept help Sometimes we need help on the way to get to where we want. If you want to lose weight, for example, and dream about a healthier life but you don't know where to start? Hire a personal trainer and a nutrition expert. They can help you with the practical part and put together a schedule for you. This way you streamline your plan and instead of  messing around and not having an eye on what you are supposed to do, you will have complete control and will get exactly what you want out of your workout.

11. Reward Reward yourself after you have reached your goal! It is enjoyable to have a materialistic reward that you can work towards. Spoil yourself with the pair of shoes, the trip or anything else that you wanted to have after reaching your goals. This will strengthen your determination to reach your goals as you get closer.

If it is your goal to take care of your health, workout and well-being I can warmly recommend  Fitnessguru's Workout Log. It is a workout diary in which you can capture your workout and how well you did with the specific exercises. This is a fun way to document your workout and successes.  

Good luck with your adventure to reach your goals! Just go for it!

Denise Nordén, Fitnessguru PT, Ambassadör och Skribent

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