There are twenty amino acids that form proteins and eight of them are so called essential amino acids. These include Valine, Leucine, Lysine, Threonine, Methionine, Tryptophan, Isoleucine, and Phenylalanine. These are the ones which the body cannot synthesize on it’s own, therefore they must be obtained through our diet. Even though remaining amino acids are of that kind that the body can produce them itself, the essential ones are a vital part in the manufacturing process. This practically means that the lack of an essential amino acid may very well lead to a deficit of a non-essential one.

There are supplements on the market labeled EAA and BCAA. To clarify the difference between these two EAA supplements contains all essential amino acids while BCAA only consists of three of them. However, Leucin appears to be significantly responsible in increasing protein synthesis, and this amino acid is found in both EAA and BCAA.

It may be wise to include some supplements containing amino acids in your otherwise healthy diet, especially if you train more than average or have high goals. One Amino is a sugar and carbohydrate-free BCAA supplement which consists of 92.4% pure amino acids which are derived from corn and is therefor vegan-friendly.

As a bodybuilder it is beneficial to add amino acids in this form during your workout. Take one serving (1-2 scoops) after you’ve finished your warm up routine and immediately start your actual workout. This can speed up your recovery process as well as maximize your results from training.

If you are more of a running or swimming kind of person it is best to take your shake just before working out, and finish it all up with another one or a portion of One Whey directly after. As a long-distance runner or during a particularly long run like a marathon, you should think about adding amino acids to the water you carry with you.

The absorption of amino acids is most efficient on an empty stomach. They are immediately absorbed without having to be processed in the digestive system. Everything you eat in close connection to your amino drink will on the other hand slow down or even disturb the uptake of it.

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