Nuts are a natural source of protein, vitamins, antioxidants and fibers. The list of their health-promoting properties is long and should be reason enough to persuade anyone to make room for them in their diet, regardless of the purpose of the diet. Different nuts have different nutritional values, but speaking in general they help you feel full on relatively few calories and it is said that about 10% of its actual content is lost due to increased energy consumption. They help prevent cardiovascular disease, have the ability to lower blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels, as well as contributes to a well functioning digestion. Last but not least, they are strengthening the immune system and may protect against certain types of cancer.

The walnut is in several aspects worth taking an extra glance at, especially since it contains the most antioxidants of all nuts. In this brain-shaped nut you will find high quality fatty acids, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, vitamins B, E, and K, among other vitamins and minerals. A daily intake of just 30 grams has a significant impact on your general health and only 25 grams of this nut provides you with almost the full recommended daily intake of healthy fatty acids. Are you suffering from insomnia? Ditch the sleeping pills next time and replace them with a handful of walnuts after dinner instead. Thanks to the content of melatonin they can help you fall asleep easier and sleep better while avoiding potential side effects often associated with sleeping pills. Walnuts also contains the most alpha-linolenic acid which plays an important role in maintaining good heart health. A regular intake of ALA can normalize blood pressure as well as reduce the risk of heart attack. According to studies, the consumption of walnuts might also lead to reduced levels of the harmful cholesterol, LDL, while increasing the level of healthy cholesterol.

Almonds are very rich in fiber and various nutrients such as vitamin E that protects our tissues. Traditionally almond oil is used as a base in many beauty products because it has an emollient effect on skin and hair. Almond milk is made from almonds and water, and is a healthy and lactose-free alternative to cow’s milk for those who want to avoid animal products. Fitnessguru’s Organic Almond Butter contains nothing but organic almonds and is with its low carbohydrate content well suited for those who are on LCHF or Paleo diets.

Cashew nuts are a good source of minerals such as iron, zinc, and copper. The antioxidant properties of copper and iron gives this nut its ability to help eliminate free radicals. Copper also contributes to the transport of iron in the body, secures function of the nerves, and strengthens the bone structure.

The peanut, which is not really a nut but rather a legume. It contains linoleic acid and resveratrol, both of which have proven fat burning effect. As in the case with the other nuts, peanuts also have cardiovascular promoting properties. Fitnessguru’s Organic Peanut butter is a good choice of peanut butter for those who are looking for great taste and high quality as it consists of 99.4% organic peanuts, the rest salt for that amazing flavor.

With all of this in mind, it is not a good idea to cut nuts out of the diet simply because of the calorie content, they should rather be enjoyed with good conscience, but of course in moderate amounts.