Meditation has been known and practiced for thousands of years and is by many people considered to be some kind of phenomenon, a tool that can be used to cross our normal physical boundaries.

The physiological process, not only during the session itself but also as a result of regular meditation, helps us eliminate elements that steal our energy. In addition to lowering our breathing frequency and reducing oxygen consumption, heart rate and blood pressure are also lowered. Not to mention that the levels of lactate in the blood (secretion of lactate is associated with stress) are lowered. As a bodybuilder, you should be particularly interested in the fact that thyroid hormone secretion (TSH) is reduced via meditation. Lowered amounts of TSH means increased effect from your weight training.

Whether you are a runner or a bodybuilder, stress is without a doubt one of your biggest concerns in regards of physical development.

Meditation dissolves unwanted tension and is often involving a much deeper relaxation than regular rest. When we are thinking of something, our brain sends between 15 to 35 waves per second (so-called beta waves). During successful meditation we delay these brainwaves and allow them to drop to a pace of 6 to 12 waves per second, which is comparable to deep sleep. Some studies show that 20 minutes in this condition is equivalent to an hour sleep without interfering noises. An hour extra sleep for someone who has a busy training schedule is as we have been taught, very valuable.

As we become increasingly effective in our practice, we also notice changes in other areas. For example, we become less sensitive to negative thoughts and will therefore not allow them to take control over us. When we compete or just do a regular workout we do this without self doubting, uncertainties or other irrational beliefs. We can exclusively devote ourselves to the actual task we have in front of us and not leave any room for distractions. Our focus is crystal clear.

Meditation brings us the advantage of mental energy which can be used in the process of developing and controlling ourselves. If you want to be successful in your meditation practice you should find the form of meditation that suits you the best and a place where you find yourself harmonious in both mind and body. It is also important that you regularly practice this technique in order to get desired results from it.

Make meditation a natural part of your exercise repertoire and see what it can do for you!