With a sufficient amount of will and consistent training, any one of us can build a butt to show off with pride. In addition to sharper contours around the buttocks, this kind of training will also give a visible improvement of nearby muscle groups such as the thighs and stomach, not to mention a more well-defined waist.

Talking about the booty, there are three different muscles we usually have in mind. These are gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. These together make up a very large part of our total muscle mass. To isolate the gluteus muscles as a whole muscle group is possible, however, you can hardly isolate any of the muscles individually.

If you are currently unhappy with or just want to reshape your butt, you should prioritize the exercises we are about to recommend. They do not require any excessive amount of time or effort for you to see results from since the glutes are quite easy to activate and tighten, but as we just noted, you should train them regularly and with your specific goal in focus.

1. Balance and deadlift on one leg
Performing exercises on one leg does not only require a fair share of balance but are also more efficient in activating all the leg muscles, glutes, and lower back.

Perform this exercise by first standing with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Lift one leg carefully by bending the knee joint and find the balance (avoid sudden movements) standing on one leg. Hold some kind of additional weight in front of you to push yourself a little extra. Be sure to tighten your abdominal muscles in order to increase your overall body control. Once you have found stability throughout your body, carefully lower your upper body until your chest is parallel to the floor. Let the lifted leg simultaneously move backward.

Return to starting position without touching the floor with the free foot. Once you've got a hang of it you will for sure, with or without weight, be able to perform ten repetitions per leg, three sets.

2. Barbell squats
We have mentioned this exercise earlier and we are doing it again because it is undoubtedly the best exercise not only for an impressive booty but also for the leg muscles in general as well as the hips.

Squats, regardless of variant, will not let you down if your goal is a sculpted backside. As you put on more weight, the results will follow. Remember to also tighten the buttocks in the top position to really attack the gluteus and hold it for a few seconds before lowering yourself into the next squat. This will help you achieve noticeable results in a shorter amount of time since you directly and more isolated activate the desired muscles.

Test yourself with varying foot widths and increased weight. Perform your squats, depending on the weight load, between 6-12 repetitions, three sets.

3. Kickbacks
This exercise is directly focused on the butt and if you have not tried it yet you will soon be aware of its effectiveness, especially if you perform the exercise with additional weights.

If you perform this exercise without additional weight, you stand on all four with the chest held high, core tightened and kick (without jumpy movements) one heel towards the ceiling. When you reach the top position with your foot, contract your glutes slightly as in the case with the squat, before returning with the leg so that it regains its place next to the other inactive leg.

If you have access to gym equipment such as a cable cross, you may use equipment such as an ankle strap and perform the exercise standing upright. Similarly, you kick backward, contracting your glutes to mark the end position of the exercise and then return to the starting position. Make sure that you hold a proud posture throughout the whole movement with a tightened core.

Perform your kickbacks with or without weight load about 10 repetitions per leg, three sets.

4. Hip thrusters, one leg
Lean against and place your shoulders on any kind of ledge and lift one of your feet so that your contact points only are the shoulders and one foot. The leg on which you rest your body weight on must be bent while the other one is lightly extended and lifted from either the floor or the bench (if you perform the exercise on two parallel benches).

Lower your hips and buttocks below the height of the bench on which you rest your shoulders. From this low position, raise your hips up against the ceiling and contract the glutes at the end of the exercise. Hold for a few seconds before relaxing and returning to the starting position.

To challenge yourself you can use additional weight in the form of a workout bag, weight plate, or similar over your hips. Repeat approximately 10 times per leg, three sets.

5. Sideways walk with resistance band
To make sure that this exercise is really effective, make sure you that you use a resistance band with a strength that stands in proportion with your physical status.

Place the resistance band around your legs just below the knees. Spread the legs and bend the knee joint a little so that you get down in a half squat. Take controlled steps to the side.

Make sure that your knees always are at the same level to avoid injury and move only to the side, not vertically. Take about 10 steps in each direction, three or more sets.