One of the major mistakes we make almost systematically, year after year, is that we rely on some type of express diet in combination with doubled training just a few months before the holiday bell rings. First of all, it is very rare that this method leads to the results we’ve expected, and secondly, the results of this sudden change of direction are very difficult to maintain. We easily lose motivation and, more or less, return to the starting point before we’ve even experienced anything near the sounds of waves or sand between the toes.

Finding a balance that you can maintain throughout the year is the key to success. Instead of hysterically trying to get yourself in shape at one and the same time, you should be consistently disciplined even during the offseason. Make conscious choices throughout the year at a level that can be combined with your everyday life, instead of going out hardcore only for a (too) short period of time. The same applies to your training. You can set the bar pretty low, but as long as you're consistent throughout the year your total accumulated training time will, in fact, be even more than if you suddenly started engaging yourself in long power walks and double gym sessions somewhere around April. If you stick to this rule of balance you will probably be just a couple of kilos away from that slim beach body a month before clocking out for vacation, which is a lot easier to fix.

In our strive for physical perfection, or at least the final adjustments, it is important that we take a look at our eating habits. Nutritionists speak warmly about detox cures, but for some people, this may rather lead to an unwanted jo-jo effect. Instead, make sure your three main meals mainly consist of vegetables in combination with some sort of protein such as lean meat or fish of some kind. Feel free to add also two smaller snacks a day where you prioritize fruits and berries. This will bring both fibers and the antioxidants we need to stay beautiful and healthy. At the same time, reduce your total carbohydrate intake while increasing the amount of protein. It will push your body further to use fat as fuel, maintain muscle mass, increase the foods thermogenic effect, and help you get rid of excessive fluid.


If you find it hard getting to the gym you can get an effective workout in only 15 to 20 minutes without even leaving the house. For example, you can find tips on exercises in one of our previous articles. You should focus mainly on strengthening the thighs, buttocks, and belly. Your body will thank you!

We should also touch the well-discussed subject of cardiovascular training on an empty stomach. Regardless of which truth one wants to claim on this matter, cardio training is always beneficial when the ambition is to burn fat. After that, the opinions differ regarding its level of effectiveness, before or after breakfast. However, a majority of studies show that fasted cardio is preferable if one seeks to take on these stubborn fat deposits in the fastest possible way. You can also boost the effect of your morning cardio further by using One Heat Day, which is an effective fat burner that provides us with exactly what we need to support our metabolism, burn fat, as well as increase and maintain focus.

And then what, when summer actually is here? How should we balance vacation and health awareness?

1. Continue making wise choices. Be consistent.
2. Be sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Fruit salad is always a good and far better option than ice cream, cakes, and other desserts.
3. Make sure you get at least half an hour of exercise every day. Walking, jogging, cycling, hiking in the woods, kicking ball, swimming, playing with the kids. Get active with something you like, and your likelihood of actually getting it done will increase.

The message here is that your beach body will likely not come from any drastic changes in your diet and workout program just a few weeks before the showdown. Instead, you should take a look at your routines as soon as today and make sure that they are aligned with the goals you’ve set for yourself for beach 2018.