Below you will find five tips on how to boost your weight loss, all of them possible to do at home.

1. Make your sleep a priority
Good news for you who neither want nor can exercise that often is that rest, sleep in particular, can help you get rid of unwanted kilos. During periods of stress we tend to eat more than usual since we’re both tired and impatient, and therefore seek quick ways for satisfaction. We simply devote ourselves to emotional eating. In addition, when we sleep, growth hormones are released which helps us keep the process of fat burning going.

2. Breathe deeply
Apart from pure survival breathing is also a tool for weight loss. Breathing improves oxygenation which in turn leads to increased weight loss.

3. Start your day with a glass of lemon water
The benefits of staying hydrated are well known. We support the body and its self cleansing, the cardiovascular system, and also make it easier to maintain normal body temperature. Lemon juice also contributes with among other things, fibers which help you fight the urge for something sweet. Worth knowing is that thirst and hunger uses the same signaling system. This means that if hunger feelings occur at the wrong time, these symptoms may be relieved by drinking a large glass of water.

4. Keep a food diary – write down everything you’ve eaten during the day
Take a few minutes every night to note what you’ve eaten and in what amount. This will shine a light not only on the type of foods you consume but also on the frequency in your eating pattern. If your behavior is unhealthy, it will appear clearly in black on white.

5. Make sure to laugh more!
It sounds like anything but an exercise to promote weight loss, but it's effective. When we laugh our energy consumption is increased by 75% compared to when we are resting.