Frozen cheesecake with mango & passion fruit

Frozen cheesecake with mango & passion fruit

Frozen cheesecake with mango & passion fruit

A rawfood cheesecake made with protein, fresh fruit and cream cheese.

Cheese cake - 8 portioner
1 scoop Fitnessguru One Bake®
1 msk Fitnessguru Coconut Oil
½ tsk Fitnessguru® Stevia Drops - Natural
2 dl Almonds
1 dl rolled Oat
12 st fresh Dates
1-2 tsk Gingerbread flavour
1 pinch of Salt

1 tsk Fitnessguru® Stevia Drops - Vanilla
1 scoop One Whey® - Vanilla white chocolate 
500 g natural Quark (0,3% fat)
300 g Cream cheese (9% fat)
grated zest from ½ Lime
juice from ½ Lime

3 st Passion fruits
250 g Mango
juice from ½ Lime

Mix the almonds in a food processor into a flour. Add oatmeal and One Bake® and blend for a few more seconds. Add dates, Fitnessguru® Stevia Drops, Fitness Guru Coconut Oil, salt and possibly ginger bread flavour and mix until it becomes a firmer dough. Spread the dough in a sheet shape (23 cm) so it covers the bottom and place in the freezer.

Whip the cream cheese, cottage cheese, Fitnessguru® Stevia Drops vanilla, lime and lime zest in a bowl to a cream. Fill the cream in the sheet shape. Freeze again for about 1-2 h.

Mix passion fruit, mangos and limes in a blender. Spread the cream over the cheesecake and freeze again.

Take out the cheesecake about 30 minutes before serving.

Nutritional information  (1 serving)
Calories 333
Protein 21 g
Carbs 22 g
Fat 17 g

Nutritional information  (per batch)
Calories 2670
Protein 168 g
Carbs 179 g
Fat 141 g

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