Carrot & sweet potato soup

Carrot & sweet potato soup

Carrot & sweet potato soup

A nutritious, vegetarian and filling soup made with protein and vegetables with a touch of Asia.

4 servings
1.5 scoops One Bake®
1 tbsp Fitnessguru Organic Coconut Oil
500 g Carrots
3 Sweet potatoes
1 Yellow onions
1-2 cloves Garlic
1 l Vegetable broth
250 g Coconut cream for cooking (9% fat)
1 Pot fresh coriander
50 g fresh ginger, grated
1 Lime (juice)
Salt, pepper, chili

Chop onions and garlic and fry in coconut oil. Add chopped carrots, sweet potato, ginger and chili. Add vegetable broth and coconut cream and cook with the lid about 20 minutes. Season with salt, pepper and lime juice. Turn off the heat and add chopped coriander and protein powder. Blend the soup smooth with a blender. Serve the soup with coconut cream or yoghurt and some fresh coriander leaves.

Nutritional information
1300 kcal per batch (4 servings)

Protein 52 g
Carbohydrates 171 g
Fat 46 g

325 kcal (per serving)
Protein 13 g
Carbohydrates 43 g
Fat 11,5 g

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