Peanut butter squares

Peanut butter squares

Peanut butter squares

Beautiful, nutritious, protein charged and gluten free tasty treats.

10 peanut butter squares
Bottom layer:

1/2 scoop One Whey® Chocolate Hazelnut
8 Dates
1 dl Almonds
2 tsp Cocoa

Middle layer:
0,75 dl Fitnessguru Organic Peanut Butter
1 scoop One Whey® Vanilla White Chocolate
30 g Salted peanuts, chopped
0,5 dl Water

Top layer:
100 g Sugar free dark chocolate

Mix the almonds in a food processor to a rough flour. Add the dates, protein powder and the cocoa and mix until it turns into a sticky mass. Add another date if the mass is too dry. Line a square baking tin (20x15) with baking parchment and press the mass evenly into the bottom of the tin. Mix peanut butter, protein powder,  the chopped peanuts and some water, mix until it turns into a sticky batter. It should have the same consistency as peanut butter, add water if the batter is too dry. Press the mass evenly on top of the bottom layer. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and spread over the middle layer. Put in the refrigerator until the chocolate stiffens. Cut into squares. Enjoy!

TIP: Chop up your squares and use as sprinkles on top of your home made protein ice-cream.

Nutritional facts (per portion, 1 square)
Calories 163,4
Protein 7,2 g
Carbs 13,2 g
Fat 10,7 g

Nutritional facts (per batch)
Calories 1634
Protein 72g
Carbs 132g
Fat 107g

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