Other protein snacks

Everyone craves a snack from time to time and when it’s a little long between meals. If you live a stressful life a piece of chocolate can sometimes feel like the fastest and easiest solution, but there are better options. Protein snacks give you all the energy you crave but with higher quality and keeps you full for longer.

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  1. One Whey® Bar Zero
    Proteinreiche Power ohne Zucker
    Von 1,90 €
  2. Protella
     Die proteinreiche Haselnusscreme    
    4,90 €
  3. Organic Peanut Butter
    Bio-Erdnussbutter mit einer Prise Meersalz
    Von 6,90 €
  4. One Pancake®
    Proteinreiche Pancakes für ein besseres Frühstück
    19,90 €
  5. One Whey® Bar Zero box
    Protein-bepackter Energieriegel ohne Zucker
    19,90 €
  6. Almond Butter
    cremige und protein-haltige Mandelbutter
    6,90 €
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