One Synephrine®

One Synephrine®

fat burner
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Citrus Aurantium (Frucht) 10:1 Extrakt, Rindergelatine, Trennmittel (Magnesiumstearat), Farbstoff (Titandioxid).

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Citrus Aurantium Extract
(4% Synephrine)
500 mg
 - pure synephrine 20 mg

One Synephrine is an effective and simple fat burner that contains clean and pure synephrine from plant extracts. Synephrine is found naturally in the citrus fruit bitter orange and helps you to be alert and energetic while also reducing appetite, all of which are excellent and desirable properties for weight loss.

✔ Maximal energy
✔ Easy to use, one capsule per day.
✔ Synephrine from plant extracts for better effect
✔ 20 mg of synephrine per capsule.
✔ Popular among athletes who want to burn fat

Unlike most similar supplements, whose source of synephrine is synthetic, One Synephrine is based on plant extracts which give a longer-lasting effect on alertness and energy.

The product can also be combined with One Heat® Day for maximized energy and fat loss.

  • Glutenfrei
  • Low-carb
  • Laktosefrei
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