If you want to lose weight you have to cut down on the calories and with a meal replacement that will both be easy as well as efficient. We offer low-carb variants, and replacements containing both protein and fiber-rich oats.

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  1. One Recovery®
    Premium Protein für maximale Erholung
    Von 25,50 €
  2. One Slender
    Verbrenne Kalorien mit 22g Protein
    Von 39,90 €
  3. One Hunger Control
    Fühl dich trotz Diät gesättigt
    19,90 €
  4. One Meal®
    Trink aus und fühl dich großartig
    Von 25,50 €
  5. Medium Weight Loss Pack
    take the next step towards your target weight
    69,90 €
  6. 100 Weight Loss Meals
    One Slender x 4, SmartShake Slim Pink
    149,00 €
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