The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

By Linda Ericson // Personal Trainer and Operations Manager at RCSN Fitness July 2018

The list over the coconut oil's qualities related to our health is long but it is important that we first understand the fact that not every sort is automatically good for us. The organic variant you often find in health stores is usually the best and you should make sure to avoid refined and processed coconut oil as it does not maintain the same standard for consumption and can also block pores and cause pimples. For skin care, it's extra important that you choose a cold pressed oil as it retains the essential fatty acids and heat-sensitive vitamins throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Some of the most well-known health benefits from consumption of coconut oil are:
- Improves cholesterol levels and thereby reduces the risk of developing heart-related diseases
- Helps us achieve the stage of "ketosis" that plays a vital part in weight loss and fat burn
- Helps our body to fight infection and reduce inflammation
- Positive for the thyroid gland and our production of hormones

Coconut oil has a proven effect on the increase of our energy levels which, of course, facilitates weight loss. Related to fat loss, it should also be mentioned that coconut oil, according to studies, helps us not only to get rid of excess weight but also to reduce waist size and take on the most dangerous type of body fat. This is called visceral fat and is the fat that can directly be linked to a number of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Visceral fat is the so-called deep fat in the abdomen and the type that is located around the organs. Coconut oil also has the ability to suppress our appetite which can be of big assistance during a diet or just the maintenance of healthy eating habits in general.

In the case of fat burning and weight loss, it is important that you choose a high-quality organic coconut oil to ensure that the nutrients are retained and not lost during the manufacturing process. If you use coconut oil just for the purpose of getting rid of some extra pounds, you may be wise to eat or drink a spoon of coconut oil about 20 minutes before your meal as this can significantly affect your appetite and therefore also reduce your actual food intake. Coconut oil helps you notice the feeling of saturation more quickly and this habit will sooner or later make it more natural for you to serve smaller portions. To make sure that the coconut oil properly dissolves before ingestion, take 1-2 tablespoons of oil and put them either in hot water or in some sort of tea, preferably herbal tea.

Coconut oil is also great as a base for salad dressing or such. However, the coconut flavor does not suit everyone so if you would like to avoid the flavor but still wants to enjoy the oil's health benefits, there is, of course, a flavorless variant for you. If you have made a salad dressing, it may also be good to know that it is not a good idea to put some of the salad in the fridge “for later” since the oil quickly gets hard and makes smaller lumps.

Salad dressing with Fitnessguru Organic Coconut Oil:
1/3 vinegar
1/3 olive oil
1/3 Fitnessguru Organic Coconut Oil
Pressed garlic to taste
Salt and pepper
If desired, additional herbs

When talking about skin and hair care, coconut oil is at least as beneficial as it first and foremost has a moisturizing effect. It also works (to some extent) as a sunscreen so if you have run out of other variants coconut oil can act as an alternative. If you have had insect bites, minor cuts or even want to reduce acne, it may be worth a try to apply this anti-inflammatory oil on the affected area. As a cure for damaged hair, it has also proven itself to be useful as it is extremely nutritious for both hair and scalp. Rub it in properly and leave in for a couple of hours to get a noticeably healthier and shinier hair after just a couple of uses. Or why not try it out on your eyebrows and eyelashes as well?

Coconut oil is without a doubt healthy and has healing effects, not only on the inside of our organism but also directly on our skin and hair. It should for obvious reasons be a self-written part of every man's pantry, especially if you struggle with excess weight or irritated skin.

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The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the quite few foods that can rightfully be included in the "superfoods" category. Its unique combination of fatty acids has a number of positive health effects, not least because of the fatty acid called lauric acid which is the most important fatty acid for humans and our general well-being. It is mainly thanks to this that coconut oil has gotten its reputation of being something as close to nature's gold since this fatty acid gives the oil its antibacterial properties and its ability to fight bacteria.

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