Protein consists of smaller components called amino acids and is one of the most important nutrients that is essential for the functions in the body. A large part of the muscles are made out of protein and a high daily protein intake has several advantages when it comes to both muscle growth and weight loss. Protein powder is a convenient and fast way to consume the optimum amount of protein daily, which can be both costly and impractical through the daily diet only. Our protein powders are among Europe's best-selling, they are low lactose / lactose free, they come as both soy-free and gluten-free and are well known for their delicious flavours.

  1. 100 Weight Loss Meals
    100 Weight Loss Meals
    One Slender x 4, SmartShake Slim Pink
    1.499,00 kr
  2. One Slender
    One Slender
    fedtforbrændende måltidserstatning, 1 kg
    Fra 399,00 kr
  3. 24 h Protein
    24 h Protein
    One Whey®, One Casein®, SmartShake Slim Pink
    408,00 kr
  4. One Gainer
    One Gainer
    For maximum weight gain and muscle volume
    Fra 149,00 kr
  5. One Whey® Essentials
    One Whey® Essentials
    vassleproteinkoncentrat, 1 kg
    Fra 99,00 kr
  6. One Egg®
    One Egg®
    egg protein, 500 g
    Fra 149,00 kr
  7. One Pancake®
    One Pancake®
    protein pancake mix, 500 g
    199,00 kr
  8. One Whey® Sample
    One Whey® Sample
    Portionpakke, 30 g
    Fra 15,00 kr
  9. One Recovery®
    One Recovery®
    post-workout, 1 kg
    Fra 249,00 kr
  10. One Whey® Isolate
    One Whey® Isolate
    Valleproteinisolat, 1 kg
    Fra 299,00 kr
  11. One Bake
    One Bake
    Varmeresistent protein, 1 kg
    249,00 kr
  12. One Casein®
    One Casein®
    Kasein protein, 1 kg
    Fra 249,00 kr
  13. One Meal®
    One Meal®
    Måltidserstatning, 1 kg
    Fra 299,00 kr
  14. One Whey®
    One Whey®
    Valleproteinkoncentrat, 1 kg
    Fra 159,00 kr
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