Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Extra virgin Kokosnussöl, 400 g / 550 ml
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Coconut Oil is a 100% pure, extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Our coconut oil contains a high percentage of MCT fats which are not stored as body fat. Instead, these fats have a positive impact on your metabolism, fat burning processes and energy levels during the day. Coconut oil is a natural source of energy and suitable for anyone who wants to improve their health, prepare delicious dishes and pastries or give their workouts an extra boost of energy.

+ 100% cold pressed - RAW food
+ High in MCT fats
+ Ideal as an energy source
+ Excellent for cooking & baking

We use only the freshest coconut meat from selected, hand-picked coconuts with high nutritional values and excellent taste. All coconuts are cold pressed to preserve nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in their natural state. The antioxidants present in the oil act as a preservative and gives it natural durability and stability, even in room temperature. Other pressing techniques produce an oil without these benefits.

MCT or medium chain triglycerides are fatty acids that are easily absorbed and quickly provide energy. They are well suited for use before and after exercise for added energy and recovery. MCT’s unique structure makes them not be stored as body fat but instead helps the body’s own fat burning mechanisms. A daily intake of these healthy fats is a 100% natural source of energy and can be used by anyone who wish to improve their health or give their training a boost. Our coconut oil can be used in baking, cooking, added to your protein shakes or eaten as it is.

A Pure Difference

Perhaps the most versatile oil on earth, coconut oil can be incredibly healthy. But only a high-quality organic product delivers all the benefits often lost during the manufacturing process. That’s why Fitnessguru’s 100% organic extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil focuses on absolute purity—to deliver every ounce of vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Our coconut oil is simply pressed and packaged, keeping its original nutrient content, flavor, and color. No bleaching. No heating. Just fresh, certified organic coconuts, cold pressed to perfection.

Crack Open the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Whether you’re looking to shed some kilos or maintain a healthy weight, Fitnessguru organic coconut oil has you covered. Our cold-press process retains a higher amount of healthy MCT fats (medium-chain triglyceride), which means you will feel full for longer, get a boost in reaching your weight loss goals, and enjoy an instant energy boost.

And you know that stubborn belly fat (aka visceral fat) you’re always trying to lose? Add coconut oil to your meals to help your weight loss regimen. Best of all, when you reduce that fat, you also reduce your chances of getting a number of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. So go ahead—eat a spoonful about 20 minutes before your meal and feel the effects. If that’s a bit raw for you, stir one to two tablespoons into hot water or herbal tea and get the same results. If you want to go full throttle with your intake, use our organic coconut oil for all your cooking and baking needs.

Wait, There’s More!

Who doesn’t want silky hair and glowing skin? Used in small amounts, our coconut oil is a cure-all for your external body as well. Dab it lightly on pimples, and apply to cuts or insect bites to reduce inflammation. Take your hair game up a notch by applying small dabs as a leave-in conditioner for noticeably shinier locks. While you’re at it, smoothe a tiny bit on your eyebrows and eyelashes. When applied to a Q-tip, even the darkest mascara doesn’t stand a chance against this natural makeup remover. Just go (coco)nuts with it!

Selected organic extra virgin coconut oil (raw).

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