One Omega3

One Omega3

concentrated fish oil, 90 caps
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One Omega-3 has a much higher proportion of omega-3 than most other fish oils available in the market. Each capsule contains 70% highly concentrated omega-3 rich in the essential fatty acids EPA, DHA and DPA derived solely from oily fish living in cold, fresh water.

Fatty acids EPA, DHA and DPA are the only omega-3 fatty acids which shown to have a healthy effect on heart- & vascular system, cognitive function and vision therefore a high intake of these are important.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish are essential / can not be formed in the body and must be consumed through diet. Most people ingest too little omega-3 through usual diet (eat too little fish) and therefore need a supplement.

+ 1000 mg of highly concentrated fish oil (70% omega- 3)
+ Documented effects.
+ Supports healthy heart, brain, eyes and joints.
+ The content comes from controlled waters.

One Omega-3 does not contain any fish from threatened (red-listed) species nor oil from fish caught in the so- disputed waters off the Moroccan coast (Western Sahara).

What is so essential about Omega-3?

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for your health and well-being, and since the body cannot produce them itself, you must get them through your diet, namely from fatty fish or simply from supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids provide benefits for heart health, brain function and vision. They act as gatekeepers to the cells and regulate the passage of both nutrients and waste products. That is why it is important to have a normal intake of Omega-3 in your diet for a healthy life.

A full spectrum capsule

If you are looking for the best Omega-3, there is only One Omega3. By purifying the oil and allowing the rest of the nutrients to remain intact, we provide a full spectrum capsule that preserves the fatty acids in their original form. One Omega-3 actually has a much higher proportion of Omega-3 than most other fish oils on the market. Each capsule contains 70% high concentration Omega-3, rich in essential fatty acids: EPA, DHA and DPA.

Highly concentrated fish oil, antioxidants (tocopherol), capsule (gelatine, humectant glycerol).

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