One Heat® Night V2

One Heat® Night V2

our upgraded fat-burning supplement
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The New One Heat® Night V2 has an improved formula that increases fat burning, metabolism and recovery from natural extracts without affecting your sleep.

The formula is designed to give you maximum fat burning and recovery during the night without containing anything that keeps you awake or works as a diuretic. This allows for efficient fat burning with an undisturbed night's sleep.

Each ingredient is carefully dosed for maximum fat burning effect together with the synergy of the other ingredients.

✔ Increases fat metabolism
✔ Reduces appetite / cravings
✔ Rich in antioxidants
✔ Improves sleep
✔ No caffeine or other stimulants
✔ Not diuretic

L-carnitine (500 mg)
Without L-carnitine, fat can’t be metabolized and an addition of L-carnitine supports the metabolism by turning fat into usable energy. The fatty acids are transported into the mitochondria where they are broken down into energy. L-carnitine maximizes the body's use of fat as an energy source, both at rest and during exercise.

Garcinia cambogia extract (500 mg)
Contains a high dose of 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which greatly reduces appetite while improving your mood. HCA is a powerful natural substance that reduces the production of the key enzyme used by the body to convert carbohydrates into fat.

CLA / conjugated linoleic acid (500mg)
A natural source of fat that support the body's metabolism and the use of stored fat for energy during exercise. CLA also reduces the number of fat cells in the body.

Raspberry ketone (250 mg)
Raspberry ketones are extracted from raspberries and reduces the absorption of fat. They contain bioactive antioxidant ingredients that support overall health.

L-Theanine (200 mg)
L-Theanine is an amino acid that is naturally present in green tea and that also has antioxidant properties. L-Theanine promotes relaxation without making you sleepy. It also supports healthy cardiovascular function. The effect of L-theanine in One Heat® Night V2 is that you get a deeper night's sleep that promote recovery and fat burning.

Chromium picolinate (120 IU)
Chromium is an essential mineral that can help the body maintain normal blood sugar levels. Chromium, in the form called chromium picolinate, has been studied for its potential role in changing body composition in a positive way. Preliminary research shows that Chromium picolinate may support fat burning and support an increase in lean muscle tissue. Double-blind research has also reported a decrease in body fat and body weight in humans given chromium picolinate in the form of supplements for three months.

Losing weight doesn't have to be impossible

Let’s face it, losing weight can feel like an uphill battle. Eating a diet packed with lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fats is important, as is getting regular exercise. But eating well and exercising aren’t always enough to reach your weight-loss goals. When the scale feels stuck, it’s time to add another tool to your tool kit: One Heat Night V2.

Reach your target weight faster

Do you always feel hungry when it's time to go to bed? One Heat Night V2 helps suppress hunger feelings naturally with chrome. The formula also contains raspberry ketones that promote the breakdown of fat and which increases the levels of adiponectin, a hormone found in higher levels in average weight individuals. 

One Heat Night V2 obviously contains no caffeine or other stimulants, all to make sure that you get a good night's sleep.

Turn up the heat

Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping hydrated and getting plenty of sleep all play a role in getting you to achieve your target weight.

When One Heat Night V2 is part of your healthy lifestyle, you will find it easier to lose weight than you could ever imagine. Together with One Heat Day V2, you can increase your weight loss results and make your hard work even more efficient. Buy both products with Heat Pack V2 for a discounted package price.

L-Carnitin L-Tartarat, Konjugierte Linolsäure, Garcinia Cambogia (Frucht) 20:1 Extrakt, Rindergelatine, Rubus Idaeus (Frucht) 8:1 Extrakt (5% Keton), L-Theanin, Trennmittel (Magnesiumstearat), Farbstoff (Titandioxid).

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