One Cut

One Cut

diuretic, 54 caps
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Uva ursi extract (Arctostaphylos uva ursi), dandelion extract (Taraxacum officinalis), potassium chloride, vitamin B6.

Content 3 capsules RDI
Uva Ursi extract 600 mg *
Dandelion extract 360 mg *
Potassium 300 mg 15%
Vitamin B6 24 mg 1174%

One Cut uses all-natural vitamins and herbs to help rid the body of excess subcutaneous water. Whether preparing for an important photo shoot, looking to compete in a physique competition, or just feeling a little bloated during that time of the month, One Cut gives your body that tight, shrink-wrapped, appearance you've been looking for.

+ Relieves temporary water retention
+ Results in rapid weight loss of up to 6 kg in as little as 12 hours
+ Supports healthy kidney function
+ Tightens loose skin
+ Maintains proper electrolyte balance (potassium sparing)

One Cut addresses a major problem that Fitness competitors, models and normal people have on a daily basis, and this is water retention. One Cut can be used on a daily basis to rid yourself of some extra water, or a Fitness competitor or model can use this before a competition or a photo shoot to get rid of that last little bit of weight.

One Cut has been designed to rid the body of extra subcutaneous water without causing any of the usual side effects. These side effects are cramping, bloating, and electrolyte imbalance. One Cut is comprised of only all natural herbs and vitamins to help the body flush out subcutaneous water. It can be used by a fitness model getting ready for that photo shoot or it can be used if you are feeling a little bloated during that time of the month. One Cut will help to get rid of that last little bit of weight in order to give you that cut up tight looking body.

  • Glutenfrei
  • Laktosefrei


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