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One Bake

heat resistant baking protein, 1 kg
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One Bake ® er valleprotein specielt tilpasset til at modstå høje temperaturer uden blive nedbrudt. Det er det perfekte bagnings og madlavnings protein og indeholder ingen aromaer eller sødemidler. One Bake ® kan erstatte nogle af de mel blandingen i dine yndlingsopskrifter for at hæve proteinindholdet. + Høj biologisk tilgængelighed + Varme resistent op til 200 ˚ C + Fremragende neutral valleprotein for shakes Valleprotein består af aminosyrer, der understøtter muskel restitution og bygger muskler. Musklen er brudt ned under træning og er kun bygget op igen, hvis tilstrækkelige mængder af aminosyrer er til rådighed, en aktiv person har derfor øget behov for protein. Proteinpulver er en glimrende kilde til protein med høj biotilgængelighed, og tager kun sekunder at forberede. One Bake ® er en glimrende kilde til protein med høj biotilgængelighed og kan bruges i bagning, madlavning eller som en neutral valleprotein til dine brugerdefineret aromatiseret protein drikke.

What Does Heat Resistant Mean—And Why Does It Matter?

As handy as protein supplements are, they can really start to break down when heated over 71°C. One Bake® is whey protein specially formulated to withstand high temperatures—and still deliver the protein you want for your body. 

Here’s how it works: When the shape and structure of a protein molecule start to change, it’s called denaturing. This process takes place when you grill beef, sauté chicken, or scramble eggs. Research has shown that prolonged, long-lasting heat damages “amino acid bioavailability,” which means your body can have a harder time digesting and using the protein, after heating.

Most homemade baked goods, from banana bread to granola bars, quiche to whole wheat dinner rolls, are baked within a range of 165°C to 190°C degrees. That means you can confidently substitute a portion of the recipe’s flour with One Bake®—and reap the benefits of added protein, without sacrificing taste or texture.

How Do You Use It?

When it comes to baking, healthy swaps are everywhere—from switching applesauce or avocado puree for butter, to stirring in Greek yogurt instead of oil. But to really give your breakfast muffin an edge, it’ll be a challenge to find a more effective ingredient than One Bake®.

You can use One Bake® for any baked good recipe. You’ll want to play around with the ratios to see what works best for your taste buds. A good rule of thumb is to replace one-third of the flour mixture (whether wheat, almond, coconut or any combination of flours) in your favorite recipes with One Bake®  to raise the protein level. You can even use it in a mug cake—just add 2 tablespoons of One Bake® to the mug along with the rest of your ingredients.

One Bake® also pairs wonderfully with Fitnessguru Organic Coconut Oil, Fitnessguru Stevia Drops, Fitnessguru Peanut Butter, and Fitnessguru Hazelnut Spread.

Breakfast Is Just the Beginning

One Bake® is especially effective first thing in the morning, after your body has been fasting overnight and when it’s in need of a quick boost in amino acid levels. It’s easy to add it to breakfast breads, such as zucchini, date-walnut, or banana bread; in the fall, try mixing it into pumpkin bread.

For a midday meal, you can make a quiche or other savory pie crust, as well as sandwich bread, with One Bake®. Snacks such as oatmeal raisin cookies, apple cinnamon muffins and even brownies work well with One Bake®. And if you’re looking for a protein-rich dinner after a hard workout, consider rolls baked with One Bake®, or fish or chicken dusted with One Bake® and seasonings before cooking.

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