infuser water bottle, 500 ml

17,90 €
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Gurubottle is a functional and fashionable bottle that helps you stay hydrated all day long. An absolute must have for detoxifying your body and is perfect to bring with you to the gym, office, beach, park, or wheverer the wind takes you.

The infuser water bottle is made of glass and is designed with a transparant basket holder that allows you to add your favorite fruit, vegetables, or herbs to infuse the water with. The inside holder can also be used for brewing all kinds of iced tea. 

+ Minimal and sleek design 

+ Transparant to see what is inside

+ A fun and easy way to drink more water

+ Great substitute to soda, sugary drinks, and juice

+ Large container and drinking spout for maximum flavor infusion

Drink more water

+ Maintains the balance of body fluids

+ Energizes and hydrates the muscles

+ Can help aid weight loss

+ Improves skin complexion

+ Flushes out toxins 

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